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CRANK THE VOLUME! Work your amplifier. This album was intentionally mastered to have a lower average volume than most modern recordings in order to preserve the dynamics of the original mixes.

Recorded in various abodes, but edited, mixed & mastered at Sublab by Kenyon. Each song was co-written & co-produced by the performers. Layout & graphic design by Kenyon. Back cover photos by Steve. Scanning electron microscope image of a radiolarian microfossil courtesy of Philips.

All of these songs were recorded using only a laptop, an interface and two microphones. Very little, if any planning was done in advance of the recordings. Bits and pieces were recorded at various times and shoved together into the warped jigsaw puzzles that we dare call songs. Thanks to everyone who helped create yet another interesting documentary of aural episodes from the last two years. Special thanks to Donna, Hannah, Kya & Dan.

* The lyrics for the two robot songs are written from the perspective of robots who were manufactured to be mentally & physically indistinguishable from humans. Each robot thinks it is superior to all other robots and also to all other humans! They are even programmed with egos and libidos! The robot in ‘Mechanical Soul’ is a vain, narcissistic lounge singer and the robot Hex is a lazy perv who lifted ‘his instructions’ from a famous human sex manual.


released February 6, 2011

‘Coalescent’ Copyright 2011. All rights reserved by The Monozon Collective: Kenyon Smith, Mr. Leonard Epp, Rick Barkhouse, Steve Thompson, Anj MacIvor-Barkhouse, Scott Peever & Geoff Stroud.

Ringtone 1: By Rick.

Whole Soul: Djembe and drum kit by Steve; Drum loops, water congas, MIDI (congas, trumpet, chimes, ocarina), fretless bass, mandolin, didgeridoo, organ, electric guitars, lyrics and vocals by Kenyon.

Ringtone 2: By Mr. Leonard Epp.

The Only One: Lyrics, lead & backing vocals, acoustic guitar, harmonica, electric piano, MIDI (double bass) on choruses & accordion by Mr. Leonard Epp; Saxophone solos & backing vocals by Anj; Fretless bass on verses & slide guitar by Kenyon.

Ringtone 3: By Kenyon.

Strange New Days: Lyrics, music, acoustic guitar, lead & backing vocals by Scott; Drums by Steve; Slide guitar by Mr. Leonard Epp; Fretless bass, bass cello, mandolin, shakers, recorder solo & violin by Kenyon.

Ringtone 4: Synths by Rick; Water congas by Kenyon.

Mechanical Soul: Beat, analog synth bass, synth solos 1 & 3, organ & sound fx by Rick; Lyrics, vocals, water congas, shakers, claves & 2nd synth solo by Kenyon.

Ringtone 5: Kick & udu by Steve; Water congas & synth by Kenyon.

Sumo Buddha: Lead vocals (2nd verse), backing vocals, lyrics, bass, rhythm guitar & Hammond S6 organ by Mr. Leonard Epp; Lyrics, lead vocals (1st verse), backing vocals, wah guitar & MIDI (drawbar organ, clavinet, harpsichord) by Kenyon.

Ringtone 6: By Mr. Leonard Epp.

Room Without a View: Lyrics, lead & backing vocal by Geoff; Music, lyrics & acoustic guitar by Mr. Leonard Epp; Fretless bass, backing vocals & shakers by Kenyon.

Ringtone 7: Beats, voice & synths by Ian McPherson; Fretless bass, synths & violin by Kenyon.

Hats Off: Organ rhythms & solo, synth solo, cymbals & MIDI trumpets by Rick; Saxophones arranged & recorded by Rick; Alto & soprano saxophones by Anj; Lyrics & vocals by Mr. Leonard Epp; Fretless bass by Kenyon.

Ringtone 8: Synths, beats, programming & FX by Rick; Doumbek by Kenyon.

Hex’s She-bot Interfacing Manual: Beats, analog & digital synths plus narration by Rick; Narration, water congas, violin, shakers, didgeridoo & MIDI horns by Kenyon.

Ringtone 9: Synths by Rick; Vocals, electric piano & shakers by Kenyon.

Death of a Sailor: Bass cello by Kenyon.



all rights reserved


The Monozon Collective Ottawa, Ontario

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