Spontaneous Mutations

by The Monozon Collective

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Nine of these tracks truly were spontaneous mutations because they were improvised and recorded in one night sessions. This cd is basically a history of me learning how to record, mix and master audio over the past two years. This collection proves what a group of friends can accomplish musically with minimal studio equipment (laptop, input interface, 2 mics and various instruments) and a good dose of creativity. Huge thanks to all my friends for making this such a fun sonic adventure. And just think...this is only the start! *Disclaimer: Except for the first and last songs, all lyrics should be taken with a huge grain of salt while remembering that our tongues were planted firmly in cheek.


released December 1, 2008

The Monozon Collective:
Kenyon Smith, Steve Thompson (T-sac), Rick Barkhouse, Anj MacIvor-Barkhouse, Mr. Leonard Epp, Geoff Stroud (Duffy), Ian McPherson (Mimes for Smack) & Scott Peever. ‘Spontaneous Mutations’ Copyright 2008 The Monozon Collective. All rights reserved.

Recorded, mixed, mastered and co-produced by Kenyon. Graphic design & layout by Kenyon. Flatbed scans by Kenyon. Photographs by Steve & Kenyon. All tracks co-produced by the performers. * A nasty scolding goes out to Fiddlestix for knocking Scott Peever to the floor and jumping in-frame at the photo shoot. Not only did he not dress properly for the occasion, (no pants, a cracked skull and an ragged shirt) his breath stank like booze. Such belligerence will deliver you to the gates of Hell my creepy friend.

1) Wherever I’m Goin’ - Acoustic guitar, lyrics, lead and backing vocals by Scott * Piano & harmonica by Mr. Leonard Epp * Fretless bass by Kenyon.

2) Bustin’ a Move With Ian - Drum loop by Ian * Shaker & mini djembe Kenyon * Acoustic guitar & first-hand-witness freestyle rap by Geoff * Fretless bass, piano, synth strings, slide guitar & lead guitar by Mr. Leonard Epp. {The lyrics reveal that fateful night when Ian’s brittle ankle bones lost a battle with a ‘hairy Greek bastard’ of a bouncer at a strip club in Ottawa.}

3)The Penguin Proctologist - {The band Kneebody provided studio drum samples from a song entitled ‘Dr. Beauchef: Penguin Dentist’ on their cd ‘Low Electrical Worker.’ Creative Commons Copyright 2007, Colortone Media} Drums by Nate Wood * Djembe by Steve * Main dirty organ throughout & vibraphone by Rick * Soprano sax & laugh by Anj * Fretless bass, doumbek, drawbar organ, synth, Alpha synth drone & organ drone by Kenyon.

4) Flocks of Dissonance - Drum programming, egg shaker, sine bass, car keys, mini djembe, throat chanting, tambourine stick & beer bottle drones by Kenyon * Flocks of blackbirds appeared in the forest courtesy of themselves.

5) My Pet Peever - Drums & percussion programming & upright bass by Kenyon * Lyrics & rap by Ian * Mandolin, psychadelic guitar & chorus vocals by Mr. Leonard Epp.

6) Warpo the Clone - Drum programming, doumbek, udu, djembe & tambourine stick by Kenyon * Soprano saxes by Anj * Analog synth bass and psycho-delic analog synth by Rick.

7) Cocoon Exile - Drum programming, doumbek, conga, fretless bass, didjeridoo & violin by Kenyon * Accordian, mandolin, guitar and synth solo by Mr. Leonard Epp.

8) La Cloune Francophone – Music, lyrics, mandolin, electric guitar, fretless bass, 1st verse and chorus vocals by Mr. Leonard Epp * 2nd verse and chorus vocals, knee slaps and Bic lighter by Kenyon * Back leg to body carapace screeching courtesy of the backyard crickets.

9) Indian Gumdrops - Tablas , conga, tambourine, doumbek, violins and mandolin by Kenyon. * ‘Not my gumdrop buttons!’ quote by Gingy the gingerbread man from ‘Shrek’.

10) Mutual lnvitations - Drum loops by Ian * Fretless bass, lyrics, lead & backing vocals, mini djembe, Mason jar & sticks by Kenyon * Whistling, acoustic & electric guitars & synths by Mr. Leonard Epp.

11) Sun-bitch Robot - Drum loops, bass synth, EP1 synth & udu by Rick * Soprano sax by Anj * Djembe by Steve * Doumbek, freestyle lyrics, vocals & sampling by Kenyon * Phone call by Mr. Leonard Epp.

12) Humdrum - Mandolin used for melody and percussion, acoustic guitar, Casio noise sample, vocal droning and wailing, kitchen taps & harmonicas by Mr. Leonard Epp * Acoustic guitar used as a bass and percussion, wine bottle drones & puffs by Kenyon.

13) Sugar Cubes - Kenyon, Ian and Mr. Leonard Epp took turns writing lyrics and rapping but all three performed the chorus * Drum programming by Kenyon * Sine bass, electric piano and Casio beat loop by Mr. Leonard Epp * Synth by Ian.

14) Drumbo the Shamanic Seismologist - Lead and backing vocals by Mr. Leonard Epp * Djembe by Steve * Exotic percussion & flute by Rick * Lyrics, upright bass, church organ, shaker, coat hanger & an inversion table used as bass percussion by Kenyon.

15) I Should Be OK - Acoustic guitar, lyrics, lead and backing vocals by Scott Peever * Fretless bass, violin, electric guitar and conga by Kenyon * Mandolin and piano by Mr. Leonard Epp.

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